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Affordable Residential Pumps
Find the residential pumps you need for any occasion at Airforce Pumps Inc. in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Designed for superior durability, efficiency, and performance, our pumps use proven technology that has existed for years.
Airforce Pumps
At our company, we manufacture each unit to provide the quality and performance you demand! Our pumps are excellent for residential NFPA 13D fire pump sprinkler systems, and we offer quality installation and professional service that adheres to your satisfaction and code compliance needs.
Choose the Best Model
Airforce pumps come in two models to fit your NFPA 13D requirements. Both lightweight pumps are ready to ship and require one-person installation. With low shipping costs and heavy-duty industrial components, our 1" and 1.5" pumps ship after we hydro-test them to ensure performance.
Front of Pump - Industrial Pumps
• Model F100 Statistics — 18 3/4" H x 12 1/2" D x 24 3/4" L — 50 Pounds
• Model F150 Statistics — 31 1/4" H x 18 5/8" D x 30 1/2" W — 110 Pounds
• 1" and 1-1/2" models, lightweight, low shipping costs.
• 100% Non-Electric. No Batteries, solar panels, or wiring of any kind!
• No maintenance. Just flow twice a year, for 3 seconds, to test!
• Can be treated with potable antifreeze for cold climates!
• A truly "Green" product manufactured for totally "off-grid" performance!
• Perfect for limited protection systems. Like a single room, machine, paint booth, etc.
• Simple installation! "On-Site" regulator adjustments for desired system pressure(s).
• Powered by compressed Medical or Industrial Nitrogen (N2), in standard 300 or 400 cu. ft. cylinder(s).
• Designed and developed by a fire sprinkler contractor.
• All pumps are Hydro tested before shipping to ensure performance.
Key Features of Our Pumps
• Loss of Electrical Power Has No Effect on the Pump or the Sprinkler System Operation
• Price Comparable to Quality Electric Units of the Same Size
• Perfect for Limited Protection Systems Such as a Single Room, Machine, or Paint Booth
• Simple Installation & on-Site Regulator Adjustments for Desired System Pressure
• Powered by Compressed Medical or Industrial Nitrogen in Standard 300 or 400 Cubic Foot Cylinders
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